{Photography Class} Final Project

As my time at Marquette comes to a close, I have found myself prematurely missing not only campus, but also Milwaukee. In In particular, Wisconsin Ave. has become as
much of my home street as the small road where my childhood home sits. For this photo series, I decided to photograph some of the buildings I often pass on my walks throughout the city.

The series is chronological, beginning on campus where I started in the fall of 2012. I spent most of my freshman year on campus, but as time passed, I ventured beyond
11th St. Viewers will follow my metaphorical journey and walk eastward down
Wisconsin Ave. until they arrive at the Milwaukee Art Museum and Lake Michigan, marking the unofficial end of Wisconsin Ave.

The title for this photo series is “Walking Down Wisconsin”

The tulips are in full bloom at Marquette University on May 5, 2016.

1542 W. Wisconsin Ave. The tulips are in full bloom near the arched entrance to Marquette University.


1145 W. Wisconsin Ave. The blooming crab trees near Cobeen Hall, my freshman dorm, frame Gesu Church and Marquette Hall.

The entrance to Johnston Hall is backlit by sunshine outside on May 5, 2016.

1131 W. Wisconsin Ave. Johnston Hall, home to the journalism school, is where I’ve spent most of my college career.

The garbage can on May 5. 2016 near the Milwaukee River is intricately carved.

735 W. Wisconsin Ave. An intricately carved trash can near the Milwaukee River.


424 W. Wisconsin Ave. The entrance to the Pfister in Milwaukee, Wisconsin taken at a different angle to highlight how the hotel’s entrance and awning is suspended from the building.


517 E. Wisconsin Ave. A taxi waits at a stop light near the federal courthouse.


(700 N. Art Museum Drive) Two couples stand in the Windhover Hall of the Milwaukee Art Museum  taking in the view of Lake Michigan. Wisconsin Ave. (basically) ends here.


At the curve where Wisconsin Ave. turns into prospect — Downtown construction is ongoing and the cranes intersect with Milwaukee iconic orange sculpture that bookends the east end of Wisconsin Ave.

Originally, I had the art museum shot as my end image to the series. However, I decided to take viewers down to the end of the street, through the art museum and then back onto Wisconsin Ave., but looking down the street we just walked. I find it fitting that Wisconsin Ave. does not technically end. It simply curves into Prospect Ave. As my time in Wisconsin ends (at least for a while), new prospects are quite literally around the corner and I can look ahead to the next street — er, stage — of my life.


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