{Photography Class} Documentary

The most recent assignment in my photojournalism class was to demonstrate our knowledge of the documentary style of photography. This form is most similar to journalism, which is why I think I enjoyed this assignment the most. We had to cover an event or environment and make sure our photos placed a person where we were. This means I had to have a wide, establishing shot, some medium shots and close, detail shots.

My instructor gave our class almost two weeks for this assignment because we were turning in 3-5 photos instead of our typical two. I struggled with finding a worthy subject until I came across a poster in the student union. A sorority on campus was hosting a charity walk to raise money for their philanthropy, the Milwaukee Women’s Shelter. But this wasn’t any ordinary walk. Male students are encouraged to pay for a $7 ticket and walk a mile in high heels (shoes provided by sorority) around Marquette’s campus.

The event wasn’t what most sororities do — selling doughnuts or other artery-clogging baked goods — for some charity in which they have no ties.I loved how the fundraiser directly related to their cause, so it wasn’t just moeny being raised, but also awareness.

Some of the shots that didn’t make it into the final package:

And the winners (I went with six, even though it called for 3-5):

Check out one of the guy’s faces in the shot where the guys are putting on their heels for the first time. His face kills me!

If I were to ever make a career as a photographer, I’d  get into the documentary style, but I’d still probably end up homeless. Still, I enjoyed covering the event. I felt most in my element not staging people, but just blending into the background and capturing people in their natural habitats. Well, as natural as a pair of heels was for the guys that day…

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